Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a world-recognised national federation with a strong membership base from the manufacturing sector, committed to creating value and services for our members, manufacturing sector and Singapore.

Our Mission

To represent the business interests of the Singapore manufacturing sector, and to facilitate its competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Our Corporate Logo

The SMF logo portrays a three-dimensional ‘S’ in three prongs, extending upward and forward with dynamism and vigour, while the supple nature signifies fluidity and an ability to change with the times.

SMF logo

The ‘S’ shape stands for Singapore while the three prongs emphasize manufacturing. The position of the words “since 1932” symbolises the beginning, from which time, SMF has been moving onwards to the present and soaring upwards into the future. The three bold prongs highlight the tripartite relationship between the government, industry and the Federation, as well as representing the new technology of connectivity.