Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a world-recognised national federation with a strong membership base from the manufacturing sector, committed to creating value and services for our members, manufacturing sector and Singapore.

Our Mission

To represent the business interests of the Singapore manufacturing sector, and to facilitate its competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Our Corporate Logo

Launched on 25 March 2023 during the SMF's 90th Anniversary celebration, the SMF logo represents the evolving nature of the manufacturing industry, which is increasingly driven by advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). As manufacturing companies strive to keep pace with technological developments, they will need to harness the potential of AI to stay competitive and relevant.


SMF logo 2023


The round, hexagonal shape of the new SMF logomark signifies circularity, with the potential for AI to facilitate circular manufacturing practices. It also represents community, and collaboration, while flowing lines from the corners towards the centre show flexibility and resilience, moving the SMF towards the future.

The colours signify SMF's vision as we forge deeper into the future. The deep blue is a tribute to our organisation's history and stability, while the vibrant green represents fresh ideas, innovation, and adoption of new technologies to create a better, sustainable future.