Industrial rents are a major component of a company’s rising costs. We recognise that companies are increasingly concerned on their optimisation of space and its returns on investments, be it for space for production or warehousing. Our advisory and consultancy experience with SMEs proves that there is definitely ‘room’ for improvement, and SMEs need to better understand their processes and needs in order to better manage their rented space.

To tackle land/ space utilisation problems, our in-house coaches begin with a Gemba walk around the shop floor to better understand company’s processes, spatial issues, considerations and opportunities for better optimisation. Some of these problems may require plant re-layout, visual control management, shelving and storage solutions, and more.

Apart from rental cost savings, space optimisation may also bring the following benefits:

Operational improvement, i.e. workflow improvement and production visibility, operational waste reduction such as motion or transportation waste, effective and efficient inventory management etc Better management of equipment, taking into consideration maintenance access, changing or installation of mould/die

Safer workplace, taking into consideration hazardous operations, accident prevention, better housekeeping facilities, decongestion of work stations for wider access, ergonomics for production workers etc.

Freed-up space for more production capacity or other purposes, e.g. accommodate a new production line, extension of office space, additional space for receiving and dispatching area etc.

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