GRT Spotlight: Power Instrument & The Global Ready Talent Programme


🔌 About Power Instruments
Since 1998, Power Instruments Pte Ltd has been at the forefront of optimising power and energy usage in various industries. Specialising in Remote Monitoring Systems, Power Management, and IoT solutions, they are a leading provider in energy management for diverse markets.

🚀 GRT Programme Impact
The GRT Programme has been a catalyst for Power Instruments, bringing in a wave of young, talented interns. Their fresh perspectives and innovative approaches have been vital in exploring new opportunities and enhancing business performance, particularly in areas like vessel activity monitoring and energy management for dormitories.

Interns at Power Instruments contribute more than just manpower; they bring a culture of learning and creative thinking. This dynamic exchange of ideas, fostered by experienced professionals, propels the company forward in an ever-evolving industry.

🌐What is the GRT Programme
The GRT Programme aims to help Singapore enterprises build their pipeline of global-ready young talent, through #internships and overseas work opportunities. Singapore enterprises that offer internship opportunities to students from local Institutes of Higher Learning are eligible for up to 70% funding on the monthly stipend.

The SMF is one of the appointed AIP partners to manage GRT, supporting over 1000 internships since this programme launched. Over 90% of the interns expressed satisfaction with their internship experience.

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