GRT Spotlight: Sapphire Windows & The Global Ready Talent Programme


🪟 About Sapphire Windows
With over 34 years of experience, Sapphire Windows Pte Ltd has become a leader in providing innovative window and door solutions. Their focus on technology, safety, and soundproofing has set a new standard in the industry.

🚀 The GRT Programme Advantage
Through the GRT Programme, Sapphire Windows has significantly benefitted from the contributions of young, tech-savvy interns. These interns have not only introduced innovative ideas and perspectives, enhancing the company's processes and keeping it at the forefront of industry trends, but they have also been instrumental in fostering a dynamic and continuous learning environment. This is achieved through tailored On-Job-Training and mentorship programmes. Their presence has rejuvenated the workplace with efficient technological practices and creativity, proving essential in advancing Sapphire Windows' market position and driving growth and innovation within the company.

🌐What is the GRT Programme
The GRT Programme aims to help Singapore enterprises build their pipeline of global-ready young talent, through #internships and overseas work opportunities. Singapore enterprises that offer internship opportunities to students from local Institutes of Higher Learning are eligible for up to 70% funding on the monthly stipend.

The SMF is one of the appointed AIP partners to manage GRT, supporting over 1000 internships since this programme launched. Over 90% of the interns expressed satisfaction with their internship experience.

✨ Join the GRT Programme!
Elevate your company with the GRT Programme. Your GRT success story awaits!

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