Joint Study on The Role of Accountancy and Finance Professionals in the Singapore Manufacturing Sector

In collaboration with The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), Deloitte and Singapore Managament University (SMU), this study unveils the evolving landscape of sustainability in Singapore's manufacturing sector, highlighting a shift towards greater accountability and the critical role of enhanced skill sets for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Transformation Report

Sustainability is progressively transforming Singapore's manufacturing sector, with 70% of surveyed companies beginning their sustainability journeys, although only 37% have actually implemented initiatives and 21% have reported on them, figures expected to double in the next 1-3 years. This shift towards sustainability is increasing the importance of accountancy and finance professionals in integrating sustainability goals with corporate strategies.


The focus areas for sustainability efforts include the circular economy, reducing emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, pollution prevention, sustainability reporting, and sustainable finance, with corporate governance and data management for sustainability gaining traction.


The study identifies ten essential skills for driving sustainability in the sector, encompassing stakeholder engagement, resource efficiency, carbon management, data and impact measurement, risk management, sustainable finance, and natural capital management, among others.


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