SMF Appoints new Chief Executive Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer/Assistant Chief Executive

Welcome Dennis and Clement to the SMF Family!

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is pleased to announce the appointments of Mr Dennis Mark as its Chief Executive Officer from 15 June 2023, and, Mr Clement Teo as the SMF's first-ever Chief Sustainability Officer, from 5 June 2023. Mr Teo will concurrently hold the position of Assistant Chief Executive.

Dennis Mark             ace

Having recently celebrated its 90th Anniversary in March, the re-designation of the position of Secretary-General to Chief Executive Officer and the appointment of the Federation’s first Chief Sustainability Officer demonstrates the SMF’s commitment to the S.H.I.P – the renewed focus of the Federation on Sustainability, Human Capital, Innovation and Productivity.

In welcoming Mr Mark and Mr Teo to the SMF Family, SMF President, Mr Lennon Tan said, "Their appointments will bring a new focus on new ideas to bring new benefits to SMF members. The appointment of SMF’s first Chief Sustainability Officer will also add expertise to the SMF in an area which manufacturers large and small will require to remain competitive in the global arena.

With their strong commitment to building collaborative relationships coupled with their wide-ranging and deep experience with the manufacturing sector, the SMF Council is confident that with them at the helm of the SMF Secretariat, the SMF S.H.I.P, will gather greater momentum in achieving the Singapore Manufacturing 2030 Vision shared by the Singapore Government.”

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