SMF Celebrates International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on some of these remarkable women who have been trailblazing in their respective sectors and driving positive change within our industry. Their dedication, passion, and leadership serve as inspiring examples for us all. We got the opportunity to catch up with these amazing women to learn more about their journeys, achievements, and insights. 

Let's hear what they have to say!

Audrey Yap IWD

Question: As a prominent leader in the field of intellectual property law, could you share how your journey has been shaped by your experiences as a female professional, and what message of empowerment do you hope to impart to other women aspiring to excel in their careers, particularly in male-dominated industries?

Just focus on being the best self you can be — whether as a mother or professional, housewife or friend. Women possess diverse skill sets that enable them to multitask effectively and have an intuitive sense of structuring better deals because they understand and empathize. Celebrate what makes us different.

I never believed in a glass ceiling and simply focused on earning the right to have a seat at the table — be it on a board, in management, or on a council. Contribute and don’t make excuses for burdens that are uniquely female. Men have their own challenges.

Know your talents and don’t be afraid to use them. Play well in a team but don’t shy away from leadership — you CAN do it.

I had ADHD growing up; it could have been a handicap, but I just thought I was slow and worked harder, thinking I needed to put in twice the effort others did just to be 'normal'! And it helped build discipline.


Question: As we celebrate International Women's Day, could you reflect on the role of women in shaping the future of intellectual property law and innovation? How can we foster an environment that encourages more women to pursue careers in this field and contribute to its continued growth and evolution?

I love the subject of intellectual property because it means you are embracing everything about human creativity and innovation. It’s one of my best decisions to become an IP lawyer and patent attorney, as I get to work with amazing people. It is never static; you always work with cutting-edge technologies, stay abreast of emerging trends — whether it's 5G, AI, drug discovery — or help build great brands, assisting companies in owning that for growth! How motivating is that?

My point is, it doesn’t matter what area you choose — embrace it with passion and strive to be the best in that category. Serve others, and in doing so, find the fulfillment that propels you to go the full distance and beyond as a professional.


May Yap IWD

Question: In celebration of International Women's Day, could you share some insights on how LHT Holdings Ltd. prioritise gender equality and empower women in the workplace, paving the way for future generations of female leaders?

We practice job competency over gender equality, but in the world, there are no inherently good or bad points, only blind spots. Therefore, inclusiveness is the key for future generations and adds synergy to any workforce.


Question: What do you see as the biggest opportunities for women in Singapore's manufacturing industry today, and how can we continue to break barriers and foster a more inclusive environment for future generations?

Every country is facing similar challenges due to workforce shortages. Prioritizing the adoption of automation in the manufacturing sector has become very important and necessary. It is essential to ensure that women are able to operate machinery and equipment easily and safely.


Margareta IWD

Question: In celebration of International Women's Day, could you share a memorable achievement or milestone from your career journey, highlighting the importance of gender diversity and inclusivity in driving innovation and progress?

Health is important to all, and it's vital to achieve healthcare equity and access for women, where there are still disparities in women’s health services and products. I strive to bring women's insights into the design of women-focused preventive and diagnostic health services to meet the growing needs of female consumers.


Question: What advice would you give to young women aspiring to follow in your footsteps, particularly those interested in pursuing careers in the healthcare or other male-dominated sectors?

Represent the uniqueness of the female perspective in healthcare, as 75% of healthcare decisions in families are made by women. Don't be afraid of failing, and whenever you have the chance, lift up the women around you!


Vivian IWD

Question: What inspired you to pursue a career in the manufacturing sector, and how have you navigated challenges along the way as a woman in this traditionally male-dominated industry?

My curiosity about technology triggered my desire to join the IT industry. Despite the industry being male-dominated, I've found great allies and mentors who have helped me navigate it with guidance and support.


Question: Could you share how your experiences as a woman in technology have shaped your leadership approach and contributed to your success in driving innovation and digital transformation within the industry?

Remain true to your core values, build your personal brand, and stay curious to remain relevant and ahead of the curve!

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