Update from the SMF

Update from the SMF

Dear members of the SMF,

By way of background, at the AGM on 30 September 2021, the results of the votes taken by members in relation to Resolution 5 was not announced.  I explained that in acting on behalf of 19 council members and the Board of Governors, I have been directed not to disclose the results of the votes that members have taken for this resolution.  I further explained that as the outgoing council is bound by the bye-laws not to make any major decisions, this matter would be left to the incoming council to deliberate and decide on the best way forward.

As this is an important matter, I would like to update that the members of the incoming council have since met and deliberated on this matter.  The incoming council has decided that the best way forward is to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) as soon as possible to resolve this matter so as to allow the Federation to move ahead and focus on advancing manufacturing and helping our fellow manufacturers navigate through these challenging times.  The incoming council will meet again on 1 November 2021 when it officially takes office and more details of the EGM will be made known.

I would like to assure all members that during this time, all the SMF’s services will continue as usual. Plans are also in place to help our members adopt advanced manufacturing processes such as harnessing the power of cobotics and blockchain technology for authentication, while at the same time adopting Environmental, Social and Governance concepts.  The Federation will walk with our members and the local manufacturing community in building a stronger, more resilient and technologically developed manufacturing ecosystem for Singapore.
Yours Sincerely,
Douglas Foo, BBM
President, SMF


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